This Smart Portable Electric Pump Has Made Life So Much Easier!

Tired of the inconvenience of spilling your fluids when trying to transfer from one container to the other? Watch this video below:

Do You Hate the mess and overspill when transferring one liquid to another container?

This amazing Smart Portable Electric Pump is the perfect solution to lifting heavy cans and spilling liquids during container refills!

It is an automatic, cordless transfer pump that transfers water, gas oil, and other fluids quickly and easily!

This pump is designed with an auto-stop sensor that automatically closes the switch to stop the liquid transmission within seconds! It is a portable device that lets you siphon and transfer different non-corrosive liquids and fuels in an instant! It is a must-have hose that you can easily bring in your car’s compartment in case of emergency! It is very easy to use where you can open the switch automatically to absorb the liquid and a simple touch of the button to stop the flow.

Free your hands from prolonged tipping off a 5-gallon container upside down just to transfer one liquid to another with this reliable Smart Portable Electric Pump!

Product Specifications:
Materials: PP+PE
Weight: 303g
Size: 59 x 6 x 6cm / 23.2 x 2.4 x2.4 inches
Motor Power: 3W
Current: 1A
Voltage: 3V

It is a Turbo Syphon Technology that helps ensure all of the liquid is extracted from one container to the other! Useful in basements, garages, bathrooms, courtyards, shops to transfer fuel from gas tanks to tractors, cars, boats, and snow machines! Powerful suction impeller pumps liquids at a speedy 2.5 gallons per minute! It is also great for mowers, trimmers, clogged sinks and tubs, generators, and more!


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