This Car Retreading Agent Can Restore Your Car to as Good as New!

Since your vehicle is always in the sun for long hours, it should come as no surprise that they lose their color and their original appearance over time. With this Retreading Agent, You can restore your Car to its former glory!

It was specially developed to make faded plastic look like new and to prevent surface aging with minimal effort. This solution leaves no unsightly marks on your vehicle after application.

The Amazing Features of This Restoring Agent:

Ultimate plastic and trim solution

Effectively remove stains from the surface

Streak-free formel

In contrast to other cladding products, your vehicle leaves no streaky residues for a high degree of clarity to ensure safe driving.

Advanced protection

Prevent plastics from oxidizing and fading when exposed to sunlight


Save yourself a monthly or frequent visit to car dealerships to have your plastic items repaired, refurbished or replaced

Environmentally friendly

Made from environmentally friendly materials, with an oil-free formula, harmless and odorless

Easy Wipe

Wipe off dirt easily without damaging the plastic objects of the leather

Easy Use

Simply wipe it with a sponge on the desired area until you achieve the desired result.

How To Use


Put coat liquid on the sponge


Spread the liquid on the car


Use towel to wipe and polish


Wait for 3 hours then get results

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